1. 163. Various Artists 'After Evening Shifts' Single

  2. 161. Various Artists 'Higher/Hire' LP

  3. 162. The Bassics 'Start Both Valentinos' EP

  4. Various Artists 'Careered' Single (160-One Hundred)

  5. Various Artists 'John Where Ultimate' Single (159-One Hundred)

  6. Various Artists 'Known Simon' Single (158-One Hundred)

  7. Various Artists 'After Making Science' Single (157-One Hundred)

  8. Various Artists 'Stem Founders' Single (156-One Hundred)

  9. Various Artists 'Through Purples' LP (155-One Hundred)

  10. Various Artists 'Implementing The Case Give' Single (154-One Hundred)

  11. Various Artists 'Leagues Of Position' Single (153-One Hundred)

  12. Various Artists 'Trained And Arranged To Commit' Single (152-One Hundred)

  13. Various Artists 'Attempted Alice' Single (151-One Hundred)

  14. Bar Nun 'Bar Nun' (Instrumentals) EP (146-One Hundred)

  15. Candling 'Candling' (Instrumentals) EP (147-One Hundred)

  16. Various Artists 'My Virgin October' (Instrumentals) Single (143-One Hundred)

  17. Various Artists 'Sleep Manor' (Instrumentals) LP (149-One Hundred)

  18. Various Artists 'The Close Playing Game' (Instrumentals) Single (144-One Hundred)

  19. Various Artists 'While Down Movies' (Instrumentals) Single (145-One Hundred)

  20. Various Artists 'Hero Refusal' (Instrumentals) Single (141-One Hundred)

  21. Various Artists 'The Precise Intrigue Of The Masses' (Instrumentals) Single (142-One Hundred)

  22. Endustry 'Backlashes' (Instrumentals) EP (137-One Hundred)

  23. Intensive Care 'So Tired I Couldn't Sleep' (Instrumentals) EP (139-One Hundred)

  24. The Bassics 'Nobody's Art' (Instrumentals) EP (138-One Hundred)

  25. Various Artists Attributed To The Dis Of Decor' (Instrumentals) LP (140-One Hundred)

  26. Various Artists 'Where During Rivals' (Instrumentals) Single (136-One Hundred)

  27. Various Artists 'Anti' (Instrumentals) Single (135-One Hundred)

  28. Various Artists 'Magnum Spartan' (Instrumentals) Single (134-One Hundred)

  29. Various Artists 'Glitz' (Instrumentals) Single (133-One Hundred)

  30. Various Artists 'It's Only Great If Somebody Else Does It' (Instrumentals) Single (132-One Hundred)

  31. Combination Lock 'High Catch Base' (Instrumentals) EP (129-One Hundred)

  32. Depression Beard 'The Complete Forward' (Instrumentals) EP (128-One Hundred)

  33. Various Artists 'Defacing By Northern Fetishes' (Instrumentals) LP (131-One Hundred)

  34. Various Artists 'Ebbing The Bad Witness' (Instrumentals) Single (127-One Hundred)

  35. Blues In Black 'The Focus Girls' (Instrumentals) EP (130-One Hundred)

  36. Various Artists 'Only About Arriving' (Instrumentals) Single (126-One Hundred)

  37. Various Artists 'Late Mind 60' (Instrumentals) Single (125-One Hundred)

  38. Various Artists 'Frequently Toured Skin' (Instrumentals) Single (124-One Hundred)

  39. Various Artists 'Six Souls' (Instrumentals) Single (123-One Hundred)

  40. Black Ego 'Began' (Instrumentals) EP (119-One Thousand)

  41. Radio Silence 'The Suspect Wants To Take' (Instrumentals) EP (121-One Thousand)

  42. Trance Late 'Picking The May Room' (Instrumentals) EP (120-One Thousand)

  43. Various Artists 'Grow Against Less' (Instrumentals) LP (122-One Thousand)

  44. Various Artists 'A Matter Of Pretending To Disappoint' (Instrumentals) LP (118-One Thousand)

  45. Endustry 'Malcolm Since The Trance' (Instrumentals) EP (115-One Thousand)

  46. FreeQuincy 'Chimed The First Legend' (Instrumentals) EP (113-One Thousand)

  47. Innocent Victims 'Realize Existence' (Instrumentals) EP (114-One Thousand)

  48. Once Removed 'Silent' (Instrumentals) EP (116-One Thousand)

  49. Various Artists 'The Kill Process' (Instrumentals) LP (117-One Thousand)

  50. Rainy Day 1966 'The Most Interrupted Cry' (Instumentals) LP (109-One Thousand)

  51. The Jasmine JazzMen 'Across Words' (Instrumentals) EP (111-One Thousand)

  52. The Mystery Machines 'Catch Mark Anthems' (Instrumentals) EP (110-One Thousand)

  53. Various Artists 'Noteworthy Refrains' (Instrumentals) LP (112-One Thousand)

  54. Various Artists 'Moderns' (Instrumentals) LP (108-One Thousand)

  55. Imaginary Friends 'In A Court Of Studio Instruments' (Instrumentals) EP (107-One Thousand)

  56. New Aunts 'Adding To Beautiful Sponataneity' (Instrumentals) EP (106-One Thousand)

  57. Long Division 'Percussive Tranquility' (Instrumentals) EP (102-One Thousand)

  58. NoMassive 'Touch Soundtracked By Puberty' (Instrumentals) EP (104-One Thousand)

  59. The Sorrow Massacre 'A Violent Version Of God' (Instrumentals) EP (103-One Thousand)

  60. Various Artists 'Out Epic' (Instrumentals) LP (105-One Thousand)

  61. Game Of Prix 'Plus Not' (Instrumentals) EP (100-One Thousand)

  62. The Bassics 'Lodge And Hideaway' (Instrumentals) EP (99-One Thousand)

  63. The Blinding Lights 'First Travels' (Instrumentals) EP (98-One Thousand)

  64. Various Artists 'Ballad Takes Captured' (Instrumentals) LP (101-One Thousand)

  65. Various Artists 'Spending Other Presence' (Instrumentals) LP (97-One Thousand)

  66. Wade In Waves 'A Tower Of Virgins' (Instrumentals) EP (96-One Thousand)

  67. The Bassics 'Latter Superb' (Instrumentals) EP (94-One Thousand)

  68. Various Artists 'Also Through Disappointment' (Instrumentals) LP (95-One Thousand)

  69. Prague Rock 'Chain Work Hello' (Instrumentals) EP (92-One Thousand)

  70. Various Artists "Crying Above The Symbol" (Instrumentals) LP (93-One Thousand)

  71. Various Artists 'Gala Elegant' (Instrumentals) LP (91-One Thousand)

  72. The Jasmine Jazz Men 'Mid-Mention Slump' (Instrumentals) EP (89-One Thousand)

  73. Various Artists 'Only When Persuaded' (Instrumental) LP (90-One Thousand)

  74. Dimmings 'Twelve Still' (Instrumentals) EP (86-One Thousand)

  75. Endustry 'The Close Hell Curse' (Instrumentals) EP (87-One Thousand)

  76. Various Artists 'Out Of Other Corners' (Instrumentals) LP (88-One Thousand)

  77. Once Removed 'Waiting No Fellow' (Instrumentals) EP (84-One Thousand)

  78. Various Artists 'Create Nor Shout' (Instrumentals) LP (85-One Thousand)

  79. NoMassive 'Her Going Invite' (Instrumental) EP (80-One Thousand)

  80. Oddville 'Other Times' (Instrumentals) EP (82-One Thousand)

  81. The Jasmine Jazz Men 'Former' (Instrumentals) EP (81-One Thousand)

  82. Various Artists 'New Via Much' (Instrumentals) LP (83-One Thousand)

  83. Various Artists 'Gold Swept Ages' (Instrumentals) LP (79-One Thousand)

  84. Various Artists 'Distance Acts As Such' Single (150-One Hundred)

  85. The Oblique Strategy Beat Series Two (Instrumentals) LP (78-One Thousand/OS12)

  86. In From All Sides (Instrumentals) LP (77-One Thousand)

  87. Composer Lake Dies (Instrumentals) EP (75-One Thousand)

  88. (Blank White Card) (Instrumentals) EP (74-One Thousand/OS10)

  89. The Art Of Length (Instrumentals) EP (73-One Thousand)

  90. A History Of Stiff Confounding (Instrumentals) EP (71-One Thousand)

  91. Lowest Common Denominator (Instrumentals) EP (72-One Thousand/OS9)

  92. Would Anybody Want It? (Instrumentals) EP (70-One Thousand Music/OS8)

  93. In From Prospective (Instrumentals) EP (69-One Thousand)

  94. Disciplined Self-Indulgence (Instrumentals) EP (68-One Thousand/OS7)

  95. I'm Not Who I Am (Instrumentals) EP (67-One Thousand)

  96. The Oblique Strategies Beat Series One (Instrumentals) LP (66-One Thousand/OS6)

  97. Sad Christmas Lights (Instrumentals) LP (65-One Thousand)

  98. Go Outside. Shut The Door. (Instrumentals) EP (64-One Thousand)

  99. In The Up & Down Waves Of The Power Lines (Instrumentals) EP (63-One Thousand)

  100. Don't Be Frightened To Display Your Talents (Instrumentals) EP (62-One Thousand/OS4)

  101. Pouring Mary's Lifestyle (Instrumentals) EP (61-One Thousand)

  102. Guidance Divides Sobriety (Instrumentals) EP (59-One Thousand)

  103. Mechanicalize Something Idiosyncratic (Instrumentals) EP (60-One Thousand/OS3)

  104. Seasons Laughed Away (Instrumentals) EP (57-One Thousand)

  105. (Organic) Machinery (Instrumentals) EP (58-One thousand/OS2)

  106. Around Taunt's View (Instrumentals) EP (55-One Thousand)

  107. Is It Finished? (Instrumentals) EP (56-One Thousand/OS1)

  108. Afflicted By Temporary Wisdom (Instrumentals) LP (54-One Thousand)

  109. Baited Where Walking (Instrumentals) EP (53-One Thousand)

  110. Afar Autumn's Wait (Instrumentals) EP (52-One Thousand)

  111. The Rich's Homesick Sleeplessness (Instrumentals) EP (51-One Thousand)

  112. Sure Of Dim's Purpose (Instrumentals) EP (50-One Thousand)

  113. Aging Celestial Caroline (Instrumentals) EP (49-One Thousand)

  114. Sowing Silent Amusement (Instrumentals) LP (48-One Thousand)

  115. Bestowed By The Reason Exalted (Instrumentals) EP (47-One Thousand)

  116. The Initial Disregard Of Wonder (Instrumentals) EP (46-One Thousand)

  117. Conceit Encouages Possession (Instrumentals) EP (45-One Thousand)

  118. Risking Easy Pride (Instrumentals) EP (44-One Thousand)

  119. Deserting The Overwhelming Offer (Instrumentals) EP (43-One Thousand)

  120. The Comforts Of Teenage Thursday (Instrumentals Compilation) LP (42-One Thousand)

  121. Only Joining Against (Instrumentals) EP (41-One Thousand)

  122. Every Able Grief (Instrumentals) EP (40-One Thousand)

  123. After Alaska Leaves (Instrumentals) EP (39-One Thousand)

  124. Viva & Help For The Dying (Instrumentals) EP (38-One Thousand)

  125. The Crucifixion Of Hollow Cymbala (Instrumentals) EP (37-One Thousand)

  126. Own Sense Of Dissertation (Instrumental Compilation) LP (36-One Thousand)

  127. Love Versions (Instrumentals) EP (35-One Thousand)

  128. Dead Gate Office (Instrumentals) EP (34-One Thousand)

  129. Dr. Never (Instrumentals) EP (33-One Thousand)

  130. Given The Shadow's Involvement (Instrumentals) EP (32-One Thousand)

  131. Following The Informed Former (Instrumentals) EP (29-One Thousand)

  132. Knowing (Instrumentals) EP (31-One Thousand)

  133. Tiny Writing (Instrumentals Compilation) LP (30-One Thousand)

  134. The Scene's Refused Ambition (Instrumentals) EP (28-One Thousand)

  135. Santiago's Muse (Instrumentals) EP (27-One Thousand)

  136. Ascending The Design Sent (Instrumentals) EP (26-One Thousand)

  137. Replace The Course (Instrumentals) (25-One Thousand)

  138. Recalling The Agent (Instrumentals Compilation) (24-One Thousand)

  139. In The Company Of Personal Time (Instrumentals) (23-One Thousand)

  140. Mary Respects The Dark (Instrumentals) (22-One Thousand)

  141. EchoRock (Instrumentals) (21-One Thousand)

  142. Various Artists 'Out Touring Desires' Single (20-One Hundred)

  143. Various Artists 'Later Pictured By Both' Single (19-One Hundred)

  144. Various Artists 'Capital Hands' LP (18-One Hundred)

  145. Various Artists 'Besides Concern' Single (17-One Hundred)

  146. Various Artists 'The University Of Rightful Doubts' Singles (16-One Hundred)

  147. Various Artists 'Based On Dice' Single (15-One Hundred)

  148. Various Artists 'Independent Champion Spans' Single (14-One Hundred)

  149. Various Artists 'Current Like' Single (13-One Hundred)

  150. Various Artists 'The Pretty Sessions' LP (12-One Hundred)

  151. Various Artists 'Actually Consisting' Single (11-One Hundred)

  152. Various Artists 'Able To Finish' Single (10-One Hundred)

  153. Various Artists 'Naive Through Being' Single (9-One Hundred)

  154. Various Artists 'Itself While Thinking' Single (8-One Thousand)

  155. Various Artists 'Aspect' Single (7-One Hundred)

  156. Various Artists 'TV Was Another' LP (6-One Hundred)

  157. Various Artists 'Tribal Necessities' Single (5-One Hundred)

  158. Various Artists 'Placed Facets' Single (4-One Hundred)

  159. Various Artists 'Evolution Versions' Single (3-One Hundred)

  160. Various Artists 'Wolfgang Though Reasoned' Single (2-One Hundred)

  161. Various Artists 'Rather Art' Single (1-One Thousand)

  162. Prague Rock 'Prague Rock' (Instrumentals) EP (148-One Hundred)

  163. Toward The Insignificant (Instrumentals) EP (76-One Thousand/OS11)


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